Twisted Nerve - Bernard Herrmann

Twisted Nerve - Bernard Herrmann

Welcome to the WikiEdit

Here on Campfire Horror Stories we tell horror stories. Our goal is to top Creepypasta Wiki. We hope that you enjoy this wiki. We will be working with Creepypasta World wiki so that we can have more contributers.

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And Asphodelstories wiki.

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And we will also work with Mr.Dead' s Nightmare Wikia

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1. Be respectful- if you break this rule you will receive a 1 hour ban

2. No trash talking(this includes blog post articles etc)- if you break this rule you will receive a 2 day ban

3. You have to be 8 or older to join the wiki- if you are below this age you need parental supervision

4. No raids- if you do you will have a 1 year or longer ban

5. Have fun

6. Be loyal to the wiki

Horror Writing Contest Rules

1. The story has to have good grammar

2. The story needs to be turned in on time, we won't accept late stories

3. You need to put the tittle of the story with your (nick)name, here is a example My Adventures -N/A

How to write a story


Authors Name

You need to center the tittle when writing the story. And write your (nick)name underneath the tittle to know who wrote the story. There is a example above.

Describe your topicEdit

This wiki is all about horror. We only accept originality and urban legends. Our main goal is to make this wiki better than Creepypasta Wiki.

Latest activityEdit

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