The Little Dead Girl

By: Mr.Dead1

I was watching the news late at night when the breaking news came up. I raised the volume up to hear the news. Here is what it said.

"A little girl was viciously stabbed to death by her father at her birthday party. The father then assaulted five more children and two adults. One of these assaulted adults called the police, the police came on time and took the man to charge. The court decided to charge the man fourteen years in jail for assaulting children and adults, and six more years for committing homicide and seven more years for child abuse."

I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to see who it was and when I did there stood a little girl. She asked me if she could stay for a while. And I said yes. She hurried inside.

I sat in front of her and asked for her name. She said that her name was Angela. I asked her if she would like something to eat and she said yes. I got her some cereal and when I approached her, her appearance was different.

Her eyes were completely black, she had deep cuts everywhere, her hair was torn off, her lips were ripped off showing her teeth and her skin was all gray. She gave a loud scream that couldn't even be human like. The scream got even louder every second  that I just couldn't bear it anymore.

I awoke at the hospital and they told me that I was viciously attached by a unknown person. I told them what happened and they said that it couldn't be possible. Hours passed by while I waited to leave the hospital. It was around nine o'clock when I fell asleep only to be awakened by a small giggle followed by a set of rapid footsteps.

The curtains opened up to revile the same little girl.

The end