The Man With The Bloody Ax 

By: Mr.Dead1

I was on the bus with my fellow boy scout to Camp White Rock. I was staring out the window when something caught my eye. It looked like a man, but the bus came to a stop and the doors opened up and everyone got off the bus, we lined up to say our boy scout anthem, "I'm a boy scout here to help. And on my honor I will do my best, to God and my country, to face every test, and to obey the Scout's law, I'm here to help, I'm here to be strong, I'm here to be wise, and I'm here to learn." We went to our cabins and unpacked our clothes, the troop leader blowed his whistle and everyone went outside, he said that  we were going for a walk through the woods. It was beginning to turn dark, so we  were heading back to the cabins. When we heard a scream back in the cabins. Everyone ran to the cabin and there layed a boy scout completely mutilated. 

The end.